winter-spring activities


Västerbotten is famous for its excellent snow conditions making it a perfect location to go snowmobiling. We have 350 km of groomed trail network that runs both through the deep Lappish tundra and higher up above the tree line offering a variety of routes to all tastes and for all levels of experience. The newest 2018 edition Ski-doo Grand Touring 600 ace vehicles are available for rent as well as sleds and full sets of gear in various sizes. This part of Lapland is covered with snow 8 months a year and snowbolining allows you to reach the hidden corners of this beautiful mountanous area that are unaccessible by any other way. Reindeer, ptarmigans, polar foxes, remote mountaneous lakes and snow-covered peaks high enough to see all the way to Norway – gun the engine and emrace it all!


The generousity of the lake waters in Storuman commune is famous far outside Sweden and can become a great family adventure as well as an excellent experience for keen fishermen. Lake Umnasjö is perfect for char, brown trout and lake whitefish fishing, smaller lakes Stenträsket, Holmträsket and Kroksjön are rich in pike and perch.


Can be combined with snow-mobiling to top off a unique experience. Rent a snow-machine and an ice-fishing kit, enjoy the sun and snow while waiting for your catch of a lifetime.  


The catch can be prepared for you (filleting, vacuum packaging) to take home with you or to learn to cook it the Nordic way here with us.


This part of Lapland is a one of the best Aurora-watching locations in the world. Get an accurate Aurora forecast from our stuff as well as tips on the best viewpoints, grab a thermos with a hot drink and go sky-gazing! Meditative yet awakening experience, an intimate moment to reconnect with nature and your own core.

Go higher up to escape from the light of the villages, watch the incredible phenomenon of the nordic nature dancing right above your head as seen by silent mountainous peaks and polar animals.


Can be combined with snow-machining/skiing/snowshoeing. 



skiing & Snowshoeing

Endless opportunities for cross-country skiers and snowshoers. A 10km groomed skiing trail for both classic and skate-skiing starting right from your porch. Breathtaking tundra and mountanous scenery. Snow-mobile drop offs and pick ups to/from remote areas can be arranged for even greater skiing and snowshoeing experiences. A wide range of lighted ski trails withing 50 km from Umnäs. Ängesdalslia skiing trail and other non-lighted trails of various physical demands. And of course the Mecca for all hikers, nordic skiers and snowshoers - the longest legendary Kungsleden (King's Trail) starting point (Hemåvan)  is 70 km away offering great experiences - from half day trip to a mountain cafe with coffee and freshly baked waffles to multi-day hut-to-hut trips. Self-guided packages are available. Assistance with organizing  the trips can be provided (reservations, maps, transfer, food supplies, arranging the gear rent, etc).

Downhill skiing

We are located in between the two most famous ski resorts in Sweden - Hemävan - 75 km and Kittelfjäll - 70 km). Enjoy all the pleasures of the busy ski resorts with incredible slopes, gourmet dining and after-ski parties while staying with us away from the hustle and bustle. We offer full-day and multi-day self-guided packages with everything taken care of. Various assistance can be provided (transfer, reservations, gear rent, etc.) 

Custom Group Tours


For groups over 8 people custom multi-activity tours can be created.

Corporate trip, family event or friends reunion? Create an unforgettable experience for your loved ones. We can customize it for any preferences, age group, time, budget, fintess level, etc. 

Make the memories that last forever!



Rich hunting grounds for birds (cappercallie, black grouse, ptarmigan, etc.), hares, etc. You can get hunting licenses and tips at reception.